Commission Pricing

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These are my commission prices for 2022.

I pay a lot of attention to detail in my drawings, therefore it takes a lot of work

and can be rather time consuming. Making highly detailed artwork means that

it's more likely to look photo-realistic. The prices shown reflect the amount of care,

effort and time that goes into creating my art. If this is the type of artwork you are

after then I may just be the right artist to carry out your commission request.


Pricing may differ depending on your specific needs.

The pricing above is in Pound Sterling, US dollars and Canadian dollars so please use the

currency converter if this is not your desired currency.

What I do

I mainly draw ice hockey players however this is not all I do. I also do regular portraits and

can even do pet portraits. I can collage more than one photo into the same drawing if that is

something you are after. For example, if you have separate photographs of individual family

members and want a drawing that includes them all I should be able to do this for you.

If you want both colour and graphite included in the drawing I am happy to do this for you.

If you have a drawing in mind but are not sure if it's something I'd draw please just message me

 and I can let you know if it is something I think I can take on.

If a request is made and I don’t feel like it falls under my knowledge of drawing or seems too

complex for my skill set then I will not proceed with the commission, however I am hopeful that it

should be unlikely for that to happen.

If you would like a background in your drawing please include this in your contact message.

The larger the paper, and more detailed the desired background is, the more the price will increase.

If you think what you are looking for is not shown in the pricing list then please don’t hesitate to

contact me for further information.


For my drawings I use Prismacolor Premier coloured pencils, Derwent Artists' pencils and graphite

pencils on smooth white cartridge paper. I use three standard sizes of paper: A5 (5.8 x 8.3 in),

A4 (8.3 x 11.7 in) and A3 (11.7 x 16.5 in).

Photo requirements

Since I focus a lot on the fine details when drawing a photograph, I require that the photos be

of high quality in order for me to recreate it to it's highest potential. This means that unfortunately

sometimes I am not able to accept certain commission requests which do not meet the level of

quality that I would require. Photos cannot be blurred, pixelated or unclear.

Commission process

When you contact me with your commission request I will discuss all the information you.

Once you decide what you would like and are happy with the price, I will require a 25%

non refundable deposit to secure your booking. There may be a wait before I can start on your

drawing due to high demand. I will be in touch when I am ready to begin your portrait.

I do not require the remaining payment until you have seen the completed drawing and are

happy with it. Your drawing will not be sent out until the full payment has been paid.

Payment information

I take payments via PayPal. I will send an invoice to you requesting payment

for the 25% non refundable deposit to secure your booking, and I will send a further invoice

requesting the remaining amount when the drawing is complete.


I ship my portraits from Scotland, UK to wherever you are in the world. If you live in the UK,

delivery is included in the prices above. If you live outside of the UK I can give you the price of

shipping when I know where I will be sending your drawing to. Drawings are packed flat or in postal tubes. Drawings are delivered through Royal Mail and will be tracked.

UK delivery should take 1-3 days to arrive, with outside of the UK delivery taking 7+ days to arrive. 

Further information

If you are looking for a commission for a particular date, please book well in advance as my drawings

are very time consuming and I may have a number of commissions to complete before I can start yours.

It is important to note that your commission could take a matter of weeks from when I start it to when I complete it. During this time I can send you some updates and progress pictures if you'd like, or you can

wait to see the finished drawing. If you require any more information please contact me and I will be

happy to help you out.